The communal areas of homes and offices are tough to keep clean. These highly traveled areas collect dirt very easily. This is the area that guests or potential clients see as they walk through the front door. Keeping this area clean is absolutely essential. Cleaning Co’s System provides an extensive communal area treatment.

This Treatment Includes:

  • Lift Areas, that are often overlooked.
  • Main Entrance including Glass and External Entrance.
  • Hallways and Corridors.
  • Handrails, Banisters & Balustrades.
  • All Refuse Areas.
  • Tough to Clean Stairwells.
  • Washroom Cleaning and Descaling.
  • Customer Service Areas.
  • Essential Security Areas.

Communal Cleaning

Cleaning Co’s System provides professionals who are equipped to take care of your most important cleaning needs.

Particularly difficult to keep clean, communal spaces are the victims of high footfall.

Communal spaces are areas accessible to many people, like stairwells and corridors used by all residents of an apartment block or residential home. With so many people all using the same space, it’s inevitable that dirt and mess will quickly build up.

These areas can also be particularly difficult to clean, often requiring specialist equipment or very high-quality cleaning products.

Why are your communal spaces so important?

Everyone who visits will pass through a property’s communal space. They might use the corridors and hallways, communal sitting rooms, staircases or elevators. What will your guest’s first impression be, when they walk through the door?

Poor cleaning and maintenance of communal areas can also make them hazardous.

Dirt and mess can be a slip, trip or fall hazard, and spillages or things that have been brought through on the soles of outdoor shoes can be a worrying hygiene risk.

Image is important, but often the most important effects of poor domestic cleaning are the ones that can’t be seen.

How can we help to clean communal spaces?

Our domestic cleaning services include the communal areas that can be found in many domestic and residential properties, such as:

  • Main entrance areas and lobbies, including any doors and windows
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Staircases and stairwells, including handrails and bannisters
  • Lifts, elevators and escalators
  • Washrooms and communal bathrooms and toilet facilities
  • Refuse areas, both indoors and outdoors, with communal bins
  • Customer service areas
  • Communal living spaces, waiting rooms and sitting areas

Why choose the Cleaning Co?

Amongst the best cleaners in Halifax, we can offer professional domestic cleaning for communal spaces of all shapes and sizes. We can provide thorough cleaning and treatment of all communal areas during regular visits, to ensure a healthy, safe, clean and welcoming environment for everyone that passes through.

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